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Hannah Derue

Project Lead

PhD Candidate, McGill University

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Hannah Derue is a PhD Candidate at McGill University's Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN) where she studies preclinical mechanisms of opioid addiction and withdrawal within chronic pain conditions using a mouse model of chronic pain.


Her clinical experience and passion for promoting the translatability of preclinical research to clinical settings inspired her to generate a novel questionnaire and workflow for the visualization of the chronic pain experience using artificial intelligence technologies.

Research Interests

Our research group is interdisciplinary and fundamentally believes in open science principles.


You can find the novel semi-structured questionnaire designed to incorporate social, psychological, and cognitive components relevant to the chronic pain experience on this website.


Should you have questions about the procedure used to generate visual renditions of the chronic pain experience, or if you are interested in collaboration, please contact the project lead, Hannah Derue.


Conferences and Publications

Invited Talk:

Office of Science Education (OSE) Breakfast Club, "Visualizing Invisible Barriers to Learning Using Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

May 1, 2023

Poster Presentation:

NeuPSIG 2023 (Lisbon)

"Visualizing Chronic Pain with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality"

7-9th September, 2023

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